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15 Day Life Balance Qigong and Meditation Retreat in Pai, Mae Hong Son


Calm your mind, heal your body, and balance your energy with the ancient art of Chinese Qigong. This program is unlike any other. It uses the arts, philosophy, and knowledge accumulated by many generations of Chinese Masters to directly address the problems of modern western society. It fixes the mind, body, spirit, emotion, confidence, concentration, and personal power. It is an intense course of study for those who are ready to release the full potential which they have within.


  • 3 daily training sessions
  • Experienced English speaking teachers
  • Immerse yourself in the genuine arts of ancient China
  • Discover how the old Chinese masters developed mind, body, and breath
  • Time off on Wednesdays and Saturdays to explore the local area
  • Daily healthy breakfast and dinner five days a week
  • Train in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere
  • 14 nights accommodation

Program Venue

116 M. 5, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand 58130
+66 82 298 8939

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About Pai

Pai, Thailand is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading wellness destinations. Located in the stunning Mae Hong Son Province, Pai is home to a variety of natural hot springs, waterfalls, and Buddhist temples. Visitors can enjoy a range of wellness activities, including yoga, meditation, and Thai massage. There are also a number of detox and wellness retreats available. Whether you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate or learn more about meditation and mindfulness, Pai is the perfect place to find your inner peace.

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