Best Luxury Wellness Resorts in Phuket

Treat yourself to a luxurious wellness holiday retreat on Phuket, Thailand’s mountainous island in the Andaman Sea. Detox, renew, and revitalize your overall wellbeing through signature massages, holistic treatments, yoga classes, and fitness programs delivered by well-trained therapists and instructors.

Best Fitness Bootcamps in Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand has everything you needed whether you want to change your lifestyle, achieve new fitness goals, lose some weight, eat healthier, or just calm your mind.

Best Meditation Centers in Pai

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If you’re looking for a place with natural sceneries, waterfalls, temples, a relaxed vibe and a serene environment to start your meditation journey, the beautiful town of Pai in Northern Thailand has got you covered. There are various meditation centers in the area that provide different unique programs and packages that can suit the needs of beginners and advanced practitioners. Daily classes where you can just drop in to have an hour or two of peaceful time are available. Longer retreats are also being offered if you want to improve your practice, need deeper healing or learn about Buddhism.

Best Wellness Retreats in Pai

Pai is a small town in Mae Hong Soon province of Northern Thailand. It is situated on the banks of the Pai River. The natural hot springs, waterfalls, lush nature and temples in the area make it a great place for wellness retreats. It offers a relaxed and laid-back vibe perfect for chilling out and disconnecting from the stressful world. So grab your bags, travel to Pai, and enjoy tea, coffee, or wine at a serene and peaceful place while breathing in the fresh air and watching the stunning river flow by.

Best Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru

Aside from the Amazon rainforest, diverse cultures, and ancient ruins, Peru is also known for Ayahuasca, a healing medicine of the indigenous peoples that have been a part of ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years. It is a psychoactive brew used to deal with physical, mental or spiritual issues.

Best Meditation Centers in Rishikesh

The lush forests, stunning views of the holy Ganges river and the majestic Himalayas make Rishikesh a perfect place to do meditation. A lot of centers and resorts here provide serene and tranquil spaces where you can relax and reconnect with your inner self. Most of them are situated beside the river bank so you can have your sessions along the sacred body of water.

Best Yoga Centers in Rishikesh

Being the world capital of yoga, with majestic views of the Himalayan mountain range and the sacred Ganges River, Rishikesh offers the perfect setting for practicing yoga and meditation. There are a lot of resorts and centers here that offer all-in packages for a comfortable, relaxing, and energizing yoga retreat.

Best Luxury Wellness Retreats in Lombok

If you want a more intimate, laid-back, quiet and peaceful holiday, travel to Lombok. Its fewer bars, clubs, events and parties will make you appreciate the pristine nature and magnificent beaches that surround you. Lombok may be more relaxed but it still offers a lot of activities that will make you enjoy nature such as Mount Rinjani treks, traditional village tours, scuba diving, snorkelling, and more.

Best Luxury Wellness Retreats in Bali

The endless beaches, majestic mountains, and tropical rainforests of Bali make it a great destination not only for sightseeing but also for wellness retreats. If you want a hassle-free vacation, you can stay in the luxury resorts in the area that offer complete world-class facilities for your convenience and all-in-one packages which include bespoke tours, activities, and deluxe pampering.

Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

The beautiful sceneries and various healthy food options Bali offers make it a great place to have a yoga retreat. Wake up to the sound of the singing birds and start your day with relaxing yoga at the beach with the crashing waves, at a pavilion overlooking a jungle, or beside the glittering pool of your resort. This tropical paradise has a lot of venues that offer yoga retreats and other holistic wellness programs, may they be simple or luxurious.