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Estrada Nacional, 8650-375 Sagres, Portugal
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Sagres Sun Stay Hostel is a unique concept in the Algarve. With a capacity of more than 90 beds and various holiday packages, the hostel has been designed to accommodate couples, families, surfers, backpackers, groups, digital nomads, and many more. Whether you are looking for a sports retreat, a reunion, or a quiet place to work remotely, they feature all the facilities to meet your needs.

Utilities they offer include a wide T-shaped salted water pool, an area of fitness machines, surfboard and wetsuit areas, a bar that serves delicious dishes on demand as well as varied and healthy breakfast options, Wi-Fi all around, and reception service.

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About Sagres

Sagres is a small town located in the southwestern part of Portugal, on the Algarve coast. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, a laid-back atmosphere, and being a surfing hotspot. The town is at the southwestern tip of the country, providing breathtaking views of the ocean. The untamed beauty of the coastline makes it a great destination for nature lovers and those seeking a tranquil retreat. It is a popular destination for surfers due to its exposed location on the Atlantic coast, which provides consistent waves. The beaches around Sagres, such as Tonel and Beliche, attract surf enthusiasts from around the world. It is also less developed than some other tourist destinations, making it an ideal place for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful environment. Sagres is a destination that appeals to nature enthusiasts and those seeking a quieter, more authentic coastal experience in Portugal. The combination of historical landmarks, stunning landscapes, and outdoor activities makes it a unique and memorable destination.

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Wave Sensations, Sito do Tonel, 8650-376 Sagres, Portugal
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