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7 Day Ayahuasca, Meditation, Yoga Retreat in the Amazon Rainforest, Iquitos (5 Participants Max)


Join us at the Naturalia Retreat Center, nestled in the lush Amazon Rainforest in Iquitos, Peru, for an unforgettable wellness journey unlike any other. With only 5 participants, this retreat offers a highly personalized experience where you can indulge in a holistic mind and body transformation.

Soak in the serenity of the Amazon while participating in 9 yoga sessions, 3 meditation sessions, 3 shamanic ceremonies, and energy cleansing flower baths. Recharge and rejuvenate in your private accommodation and savor daily meals and drinks. Enjoy 2 integration sessions and 2 jungle walks, all guided by a multilingual team of experienced facilitators.

Rise and shine each day with a sunrise yoga session, followed by a nutritious breakfast. In the afternoons, relax in a flower bath with a native shaman and participate in meditation and personal interviews. At night, choose between sunset yoga sessions, night jungle walks, bonfire gatherings, and ayahuasca ceremonies.

This retreat offers a high ratio of healers to guests, with a shaman and one facilitator for every 5 participants, ensuring that you receive individualized attention throughout your journey. Our team will guide you through the integration process and provide translation services for all activities.

Transfers to and from Iquitos are included, as well as a detailed retreat schedule. On Monday, you will be picked up in Iquitos and embark on a journey to Naturalia, followed by a welcome briefing and check-in. The following days will be filled with yoga, meditation, shamanic ceremonies, flower baths, and personal time. On Sunday, you will bid farewell to the Amazon with a final breakfast before checking out.

Take a step towards a happier and healthier you and join us for this life-changing retreat in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.


  • 9 yoga sessions
  • 3 meditation sessions
  • 3 shamanic ceremonies
  • Flower baths for energy cleansing
  • 6 nights in private accommodation
  • Daily meals and drinks
  • 2 integration sessions
  • 2 jungle walks

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About Iquitos

Iquitos, the capital of Loreto, is the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road and is only accessible by river and air. It is the cultural, religious, and tourist centre of eastern Peru. It is also a centre for oil exploration in the Peruvian Amazon. Barrio de Belén, Plaza de Armas, Casa de Fierro, Ex Hotel Palace, Iglesia Matriz de Iquitos, and Allpahuayo Mishana are some of the tourist attractions in the area. The area is covered with thick vegetation and a lot of rivers which are part of the Amazonian Hydrographical System crosses this territory.

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