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7 Day Online Tantra Course for Couples


Are you yearning to bring more magic, reignite the fire and the passion, and bring sacred sexuality into your relationship? To bring back the sensual pleasures and the depth of love, playfulness, friendship, freedom, tenderness, trust, and intimacy into your daily lives and the bedroom again? This Tantra couples course offers you ancient and juicy practices of sacred Tantra to continually awaken and take your relationship to the next level to deepen the love and unite your soul on fire.


  • 20 online videos
  • Live online sessions will be held over Light of Lemuria website platform
  • Online sessions’ timezone: Light of Lemuria is based in Bangkok, Thailand (GMT+7)
  • Guide you on how to love better what is one of the main purposes of Tantra
  • Improve and bring back the spark, never-ending honeymoon, and more and more unconditional love to your relationship

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Online wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular as people become more and more health-conscious. These programs offer a variety of features, such as customized meal plans, personalized fitness regimens, and support from health coaches.

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Starting From: $400

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