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Pucallpa is a city located on the banks of the Río Ucayali, one of the two source rivers of the Amazon. It was founded by Franciscans in 1840 and has been inhabited by indigenous peoples for a long time. Before the Lima-Pucallpa Expressway was completed in 1945, the city was isolated with no electricity or paved streets. Today, the city still retains its secluded charm. The Plaza de Armas, the central square, is surrounded by important buildings such as the town hall and cathedral. Avenida Tacna, the commercial street, leads down to the river bank, where visitors can find the river port and a clock tower, one of the city’s greatest attractions. Pucallpa may not be known for its beauty, but it offers a unique vibe that draws visitors.

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AA.HH Pablo Hocking Weeks Mz. A, Lt 7., Pucallpa, Peru

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