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Sumba is an island in eastern Indonesia, specifically in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. It boasts natural beauty, unique cultural traditions, and pristine beaches.

The place is often referred to as “The Forgotten Island” due to its remote location and limited tourist infrastructure, which has helped preserve its traditional way of life. The island is known for its megalithic culture, which is still very much alive among the local communities. You can also see there several stone graves, ancient villages, and traditional houses with high peaked roofs, known as “rumah adat,”.

One of the most remarkable cultural events in Sumba is the Pasola festival, a traditional ritual involving horseback battles that take place in different parts of the island. This unique event showcases the island’s ancient beliefs and customs and also attracts both local and international tourists.

Sumba’s natural beauty is characterized by rolling hills, vast savannahs, and rugged coastlines. The island is renowned for its beautiful white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and excellent surfing spots. Some of the popular beaches on the island include Nihiwatu Beach, Marosi Beach, and Weekuri Lagoon.

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Nihi, Hoba Wawi, Wanokaka, West Sumba Regency East Nusa,Tenggara, Indonesia, 87272
62 811 397 8550

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