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Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu

Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu, 1 Chome-31-11 Asakusa, 台東区 Taito City, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan


Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu is a traditional Japanese inn located in the historic Asakusa district of Tokyo, Japan. They offer an authentic and immersive Japanese experience. The accommodation features tatami mat rooms, futon bedding, air conditioning, and the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese customs such as wearing yukata robes, enjoying tea ceremonies, and relaxing in an onsen (hot spring bath).

The ryokan is renowned for its warm and welcoming hospitality, with attentive staff who aim to make guests feel at home. Many rooms provide stunning views of the iconic Senso-ji Temple, and the location is ideal for exploring Asakusa’s rich cultural and historical attractions. Travelers looking to experience a taste of traditional Japan while enjoying modern comforts often choose Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu for a unique and memorable stay.

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About Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and one of the world’s most vibrant and populous metropolises. It is a global hub for finance, commerce, technology, entertainment, and culture. Despite its modernity, Tokyo has preserved its rich cultural heritage and boasts numerous historic landmarks. The Imperial Palace in the heart of the city is the residence of the Emperor of Japan and showcases beautiful gardens and historic buildings. Additionally, the Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji Temple, and Ueno Park are popular destinations that provide glimpses into the city’s traditional side. From high-end fashion in Ginza to the youth-oriented fashion place of Harajuku, the city provides a diverse range of shopping experiences. Tokyo is also famous for its entertainment options, including theaters, music venues, nightclubs, and themed cafes. Boasting a diverse and vibrant food scene, Tokyo is a culinary haven. Visitors can indulge in sushi, ramen, tempura, yakitori, and an abundance of street food. The city is also home to numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, showcasing its reputation as a gourmet destination. Tokyo is a city that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, offering an incredible range of experiences for all. From its cityscape and technological innovations to its historical landmarks, cultural treasures, and delicious cuisine, Tokyo captivates with its energy and diversity.

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Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu, 1 Chome-31-11 Asakusa, 台東区 Taito City, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan
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