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Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

Neyphu Valley, Shaba, 12001 Paro, Bhutan
+975 8 272 224


If you need to restore your balance and are interested to learn the culture and history of Bhutan, you can come here to Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary. Aside from impressive spa programs, they also provide tour and hike assistance.

They have traditional Bhutanese medicine doctors, who will create a personal well-being program, including dietary advice that is focused on balancing the body, mind and spirit. You can also enjoy the benefits of traditional massages, herbal treatments, yoga, meditation, hot stone baths and forest bathing.

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About Paro

Paro is a historic town in the Paro Valley of Bhutan. It is filled with sacred sites and historical buildings and is the location of Bhutan’s only airport, the Paro Airport, which has been tagged as the most difficult commercial airport in the world. Bhutan’s tallest building, the Ta-Dzhong, can also be found here. Six miles away is the famous Tiger’s Nest Buddhist monastery and hermitage. A three-hour trek is needed to reach the monastery. From here, a panoramic view of Paro town can be seen.

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Paro has a wide range of accommodation options. Many wellness resorts and peaceful relaxation spots can be booked directly on Agoda, or Use the links below to explore options.

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