Akasha Retreat Center

R. 1 - Itaipava, Petrópolis - RJ, 22460-012, Brazil


The serene Akasha Retreat Center is located in the picturesque region of Itaipava in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You will be enveloped by the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding landscape here. This eco-friendly hideaway provides a tranquil and restorative experience in the midst of the breathtaking Brazilian countryside.

They offer various activities to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. You can participate in daily yoga and meditation classes, take a dip in the natural pools, relax in the herbal sauna, or enjoy a walk in the lush gardens. The retreats, which are led by medicine women and men from the Amazon, also offer massage therapies, healing ceremonies, and workshops on wellness, spirituality, and personal growth. After a day of activities, you can relax in one of their bungalows, each designed with natural materials and minimalist decor to promote inner peace. An organic garden is also available on-site, which provides fresh produce for healthy meals.

The retreat’s eco-friendly facilities, practices and sustainability initiatives ensure that your stay has a minimal environmental impact.  They also use solar panels, natural materials, and biodegradable products, making it an eco-conscious choice for travelers who care about sustainability.

If you’re seeking a peaceful getaway, a spiritual retreat, or a wellness-focused vacation, Akasha Retreat Center is the perfect destination to reconnect with yourself and nature.

Akasha Retreat Center Location

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