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12 Day Wellness, Raw Detox, Yoga, Meditation, explore temples, Hiking & More in Phetchabun, Thailand


Looking for a way to recharge? Then join this wellbeing programme. Our modern day lives can be demanding and stressful, so taking time aside for relaxation, meditation, healthy eating, and exercise is one amazing way that you can help yourself. Battle Conquer offers unique countryside surrounded by peaceful farmland, daily meditation and yoga classes, a packed exercise schedule and some awesome trainers to keep you motivated. Battle Conquer looks forward to welcoming you at their rural camp!


  • Special trip to visit our English speaking monk where he will guide you through a meditation and join you on a hike
  • Being submerged in Thai culture away from tourist destinations
  • A packed schedule with plenty of training sessions to choose from
  • Daily meditation and yoga
  • Visitng some of the prettiest temples we have in Smo Thot
  • Being surrounded with farmland and countryside plus many tropical plants and trees
  • Taking on the challenge of The Buddha Run
  • 11 nights accommodation
  • Perfect for all levels and ages

Program Venue

Muay Thai Battle Conquer, 26 Moo 9, Nong Chaeng, Bueng Sam Phan, Phetchabun, Thailand

About Phetchabun

Phetchabun, in north-central Thailand, is a small town with an interesting history. The name means “land of crops and foods” and it was once a bustling trading center for silk and rice. Nowadays it has become more of a tourist destination, with lots to offer visitors who are looking for peace and quiet or adventure. There are temples and national parks to explore, as well as hiking and mountain biking trails. And, of course, there are the tigers!

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