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Pachamama Temple

AA.HH Pablo Hocking Weeks Mz. A, Lt 7., Pucallpa, Peru


Pachamama Temple is located just outside of Pucallpa city, in the heart of a Shipibo community. It is a place for people who seek personal transformation. They offer 7 and 12-day Ayahuasca Retreats which are led by experienced Shipibo shamans who work together with carefully selected and skilled western facilitators.

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to have one-on-one time with the healers and facilitators and participate in the brewing process of Ayahuasca vine and Chacruna leaves. You will also be able to learn about the Shipibo culture through classes on Arts, Crafts, Language, and History.

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About Ucayali

Ucayali is the second-largest department of Peru and is located in the Amazon rainforest. It is divided into four provinces and its capital is the city of Pucallpa. The most important Catholic temple in the region, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral also known as the Cathedral of Ucayali, is situated here. Lake Yarinacocha, Pucallpa Natural Park, The Botanic Garden, Laguna Cashibococha, and Plaza de Armas Pucallpa are some of the famous tourist destinations in the area.

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Ucayali has a wide range of accommodation options. Many wellness resorts and peaceful relaxation spots can be booked directly on Agoda, or Use the links below to explore options.

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