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Mawa Yuxyn, Rio Gregório, Tarauacá - AC, 69970-000, Brazil


The Yawanawa people’s ancestors’ traditions are being preserved at Mawa Yuxyn, a Center for Spiritual Studies in the heart of the Amazon jungle. It welcomes everyone who wants to fully experience Acre’s spirituality, traditions, and indigenous way of life. This center allows guests to explore the mysteries of the rainforest’s plants and delve deeply into the ancient knowledge of the Yawanawa people.

The Mawa Yuxyn Center offers a variety of activities, such as plant studies, hikes in the forest, plant and clay baths, rapé circles, Yawanawa singing lessons (Saitis), traditional Temazcal ceremonies, Uni (Ayahuasca) ceremonies, sacred body paintings, forest tales, Kapun (Kambo) applications, Samakei (Paje diet study), traditional food, neighborhood craft fairs, and more. These activities offer a comprehensive understanding of Yawanawa culture and the therapeutic benefits of the Amazon jungle.

The Yawanawa people, who live in Acre, Brazil, beside the Gregório River, have a long history of cultural rebirth. They are renowned for imparting their ancestors’ knowledge and welcoming tourists from all over the world. Their contagious attitude and timeless songs enchant all who encounter them. A spiritual retreat that promotes self-discovery, healing, re-connection with nature, and a better understanding of indigenous culture is what the voyage to Mawa Yuxyn is meant to provide. Additionally, it promotes the value of maintaining indigenous knowledge and the environment for upcoming generations while assisting in the economic development of the Yawanawa people through interaction and collaboration with Western culture.

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About Acre

Acre is a state located in the northern part of Brazil, situated in the western part of the Amazon rainforest. It is one of the 26 states in Brazil and is known for its rich biodiversity, natural resources, and diverse cultural heritage. The state is primarily covered by the Amazon rainforest, which contributes to its lush and diverse ecosystem. The state is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species typical of the Amazon rainforest. Acre has several protected areas and reserves aimed at preserving its natural wealth. It is a place with a rich natural environment, cultural diversity, and economic activities deeply tied to the Amazon rainforest. Efforts are ongoing to balance development with environmental conservation and to preserve the unique cultural heritage of the region.

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Mawa Yuxyn, Rio Gregório, Tarauacá - AC, 69970-000, Brazil
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